1908 Sears Catalog ad: Nickel Plated Steel Lever Keys

. Thursday, June 20, 2013

Nickel Plated Steel Lever Keys. 90 cents. No. 20K6485 Steel Lever Key legless. This is the standard key of the latest and most improved type, the lever and trunnions being made of solid steel nickel plated instead of brass, as in the old type of instrument. The same strength is secured with much lighter weight and the liability of losse trunnions completely avoided. This is, without a doubt, one of the handsomest and best working keys on the market. Price 90 cents. If by mail, postage extra 10 cents. No. 20K6486 Steel lever key with legs. A standard key, just the same in general construction material workmanship and efficiency as No. 20K6485 but made with two legs which go through the table, clamping it firmly from below, price $1.00. If by mail, postage extra, 10 cents. $1.00.

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