1908 Sears Catalog ad: Positive-Wear Sox

. Saturday, June 8, 2013

Your sox insured. We guarantee these to wear 6 months. $1.36 for box of 6 pairs. Our "Positive-wear" sox. Our guarantee. We will guarantee that six pairs of our "Positive-Wear" Sox, if worn alternately and changed two wear, if they do not give satisfaction. If they are not all that we claim and you have worn them as we advise you we will within six months of the date of purchase give you six new pairs of socks upon receipt of the socks and your letter of complaint. We want you to buy six pairs because we believe the socks will be changed more frequently; this will make your socks wear longer and give far better satisfaction. Our guarantee will be found on the fly leaf of each box. We have given this sock every test, we have work it ourselves and we are positive that this is one of the biggest values that we have ever offered in our Hosiery Department. We could not make this offer unless we were perfectly satisfied that this sock would wear longer and give far better satisfaction than any sock you have ever purchased. It is far superior to the advertised brands sold six pairs for $2.00. Our "Positive-Wear" Sox are especially made for us from the very finest selected Egyptian be made to give positive wear and satisfaction. It would be impossible to make a sock that would be wearproof but we are positive that this sock is one of the best that can be make, that it will wear longer and give far better service than the average sock. We must caution you about giving us the correct size when you order. If you do not know the size you wear give us the size of your shoe and we will make every endeavor to fit you satisfactorily. Sizes 9 1/2, 10, 10 1/2, 11, 11 1/2 and 12. Six pairs of one size is positively the smallest quantity we will sell. Made in colors of black, blue, state or tan. Guaranteed to be stainless and not to color the feet. If wanted we will assort colors in boxes. Don't forget to give us the correct size you wear. No. 16K4200 black. No. 16K4202 tan. No. 16K4204 blue. Price $1.36 for box of six pairs. If by mail, postage extra for six pairs, 14 cents.

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