1908 Sears Catalog ad: Princess Hair Tonic

. Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Do you want to buy a good hair tonic? A good hair tonic is a household necessity and Princes Hair Tonic will do everything which an honest hair tonic can possibly do. When the hair is dead, nothing on earth can bring it to life. We, therefore, do not guarantee that Princess Hair Tonic will grow hair on the back fence, or make long, flowing hair with two or three weeks' use, or cover a bald head with a two-inch growth of hair with a week's use of our remedy. No, all we claim is that Princess Hair Tonic is the best hair tonic and hair grower ever produced, and if used as directed will do all any hair tonic can do. Princess Hair Tonic is a reliable hair tonic. Causes f falling hair. The main causes of falling hair are dandruff, eczema of the scalp and improper care of the hair. Dandruff is not only the most common of scalp diseases but it is one causing at all times an untidy appearance and the one causing the greatest number of cases of baldness. If it is not stopped at once it destroys the hair roots. While it is scarcely noticeable in its earlier stages, nevertheless, like any other disease it rapidly spreads and eats, the white flakes become larger and more prominent, until before long merely running the fingers through the hair causes a snowy white deposit on the clothes and throughout the hair. If allowed to go unchecked the disease will go on until the underside of these white flakes will have the appearance of tiny scabs and when this condition is reached, nothing but the promptest action will prevent total baldness. Princess Hair Tonic will destroy the disease germ, remove every trace of dandruff itself and soon make the scalp perfectly healthy. The tonic should be applied once a day, rubbed well into the scalp with the finger tips for at least five minutes and until the liquid is all absorbed by the tissues. This should be continued until the dandruff is entirely gone and then the tonic used twice a week as a preventive and to keep the scalp in a healthy condition, enabling it to produce the fine, silky hair designed by nature. A real food for the hair. Princess Hair Tonic preserves and strengthens the hair, promotes its growth, arrests falling hair, feeds and nourishes the roots, removes dandruff and scurf and allays all scalp irritations. A very effective, uniformly successful, perfectly harmless preparation that removes scales and dandruff, sooths irritating, itching surfaces, stimulates the hair follicles, supplies th roots with energy and makes the hair grow. Are you inclined to baldness? Is your hair thin or falling out? Does your hair come out easily and gather on the comb and brush when you brush it? Does your hair itch? Do you have dandruff or scurf, and do white dustlike particles settle on your coat collar? Is your hair stiff and coarse and hard to brush? Is your hair fading or has it turned prematurely gray? If your hair suffers in any one or more of these particulars, order three bottles of Princess Hair Tonic as a trial, for speedy relief. Use it according to directions and you will be surprised and delighted at the good results. It acts direct on the tiny roots of the hair, giving them required fresh nourishment, starts quick, energetic circulation in every hair cell, tones up the scalp, freshens the pores, stops falling hair, changes thin hair to a fine heavy growth, puts new life in dormant, sluggish hair cells. Priness Hair Tonic. It is not a dye. It can be applied to the most delicate hair; it will not stain the daintiest head dress. Princess Hair Tonic is made under a special process, is perfectly pure and clear, without any sulphur sediment and containing the following named ingredients, recognized as constituents of highest efficiency for hair and scalp treatment: quinine sulphate, soluble sulphur natrium muriate, resorcin cantharbides, lead acetate, cayenne, glycerine, alcohol and perfurme. No. 8Kk3125 Our price, 3 bottles for $1.55; per bottle 63 cents. Note-- on account of weight this article cannot be shipped by mail. Must be shipped by express or ordered with other goods.

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