1908 Sears Catalog ad: Special Low Down Outfit

. Sunday, June 23, 2013

Our special low down outfit, reduced to $12.96. No. 42K111. We show in our special low down outfit a closet which we believe is one of the best bargains ever offered by anyone, and the only reason that it is possible for us to offer an outfit such as this at the above named price is on account of the quantities in which we purchase them. The tank furnished with the outfit is a 6 1/2 gallon tank and is lined with heavy copper from the bottom of the tank to the height in which the water stands in the tank. From this part to the top of the tank is placed a very heavy galvanized iron strip which prevents the moisture from eating through the wood often the case with the majority of the low cost closets on the market today. This tank is fitted with a Douglas valve which is one of the simplest and best valves on the market. It is operated by a rubber ball setting into the seat of the brass flush valve, and should it at any time become necessary to repair this closet through the valve wearing out, all that is necessary for you to do is to purchase a new rubber ball, unscrew the old ball from the rod of the closet and screw the new ball into place, an operation which any child can perform without any difficulty; no calling of plumbers when tank leaks as this valve is so simple that any person would have no difficulty repairing it. The tank is made of golden oak which is well seasoned and highly polished and is furnished with china push button, a slight touch of which raises the Douglas ball, releases the water and causes a positive flush of the closet bowl. The seat furnished with this outfit is also of golden oak, made of well seasoned oak highly polished. It is furnished with nickel plated offset hinges which are made of heavy brass which will practically wear a lifetime. The seat is furnished with rubber bumpers where they are necessary. The bowl furnished with this outfit is a syphonic action closet bowl. It is made of the highest grade of English vitreous earthenware, is nicely glazed and polished, and the equal of pottery sold by anyone regardless of price. We furnish nickel plated closet screws with this outfit to fasten bowl to floor. We also furnish a heavy brass nickel plated supply pipe reaching from tank to the floor. The connection furnished with this outfit to attach the bowl to the tank is a heavy brass nickel plated elbow. The closet roughs in at 12 inches from the wall. Weight 100 pounds. Price complete as described with plain bowl. $12.96. If bowl is wanted with local vent, add 25 cents to above price. We can furnish this style of bowl only, without tank or seat, for $4.75.

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