1908 Sears Catalog ad: Syphonic Action, Low Tank, Wash Down Combination Closet

. Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Syphonic Action, Low Tank, Wash Down Combination Closet $11.96. No. 42K110. Our low tank, wash down combination is the most up to date closet sold by anyone at the price we ask for it and is lower than a closet of this kind was ever sold at before. And while it is not as well constructed or as sanitary an outfit as our No. 42K111, we guarantee it to be the equal of any wash down closet ever put on the market at anywhere near this price. The tank, seat and cover are made of solid oak, golden oak finish, tank is a 6 1/2 gallon tank, is copper lined; has copper floats, solid brass, valve, improved flushing valve. All trimmings, hinges, etc., made of cast brass, heavily nickel plated. Supply pipe is 5/8 inch in diameter, made of brass also nickel plated. A slight pressure of the valve button gives a flush that empties the tank completely. Furnished complete as shown in the illustration. Weight 100 pounds. Before ordering this closet read description of our No. 42K111 closet on this page. Price, complete with plain bowl $11.96.  If wanted with local vent, add 25 cents to the above price. We can furnish this style bowl only, without seat or tank, for $4.75.

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