1908 Sears Catalog ad: White porcelain one-piece lavatory

. Thursday, June 13, 2013

White porcelain one-piece lavatory, reduced to $4.98. No. 42K2865 porcelain one-piece half circle lavatory with patent brackets, sanitary soap tray, waste plug and coupling, nickel plated chain stay and chain. Size of slab 18x 21 inches; height of back, 8 inches, size of patent overflow bowl, 10x14 inches. Shipping weight about 69 pounds. Shipped from our factory in Southern Wisconsin. Enameled inside, bronzed outside. Price $4.98. Enameled inside and outside. Price $6.25. Notice, the above prices do not include faucets, traps or supply pipes, etc. No. 42K2815 Same as above, except furnished complete as shown in illustration, with two low down compression basin cocks and cross handles and china tops, one 1 1/4 inch nickel plated S trap with waste to floor and vent to wall and two nickel plated supply pipes to floor with flanges. Everything complete, as shown in illustration. Enameled inside and bronzed outside price $9.50. Enameled inside and outside price $10.57. For iron pipe, an extra cost of 75 cents over prices quoted. If above lavatory is wanted without revent on trap deduct 15 cents from prices quoted.

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