1912 ad: an artistic triumph for the Pianola

. Friday, June 21, 2013

An artistic triumph for the Pianola played at Queen's Hall with the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Herr Arthur Nikisch, the Pianola recently vindicated once and for all the unique position which it holds in the artistic world. On this occasion the Pianola was used to play the well known Greig Concerto in A Minor and the Liszt Hungarian Fantasie. The Pianola was also used to accompany the celebrated vocalist Miss Elena Gerhardt, in songs by Strauss and Wolf. Immense enthusiasm was aroused amongst the public and press by this concert but none greater than that of Herr Arthur Nikisch himself, who wrote after the performance: "Save for the fact that the instrument supplies the performer with absolutely perfect technique, the Pianola shou" d never again be referred to as a mechanical instrument. " Call at Aeolian Hall and play the Pianola Piano or write for Catalogue AA. The Orchestrelle Co., Ltd Aeolian Hall 135-6-7, New Bond Street, London, W.

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