1913 ad: Coston's Marine Signals

. Thursday, June 13, 2013

Coston's Marine Signals. Percussion or friction. The only signal recognized by the British Board of Trade in their report, and is used exclusively by the United States Government. Distress Outfits for lifeboats in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Board of Steamboat Inspectors; friction or percussion. Fog, Pilot and Distress Signals, all different steamship and yacht club distinguishing signals, friction or percussion, also regulation ship rockets and staves. Water Lights for life buoy, embarkation or deck flares. Distinguishing colors arranged and registered. Send for our pamphlet entitled "Communication at Night on the Road at Sea." Highest award, Gold Medal and Diploma, Jamestown Exposition 1907. Originators and largest manufacturers of marine night signals in the world. Coston Signal Co., Inc.  7 Water St. New York, Entrance on Moore St., Telephone 3454 Broad. Deliveries made by Steam Lighters Day or Night.

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