1916 ad: Electric Grafonolas

. Friday, June 28, 2013

Columbia Records. Note the notes. Electric Grafonolas always ready for instant use. Moving the tone arm starts the record. Electric! The Columbia Graphophone Company presents the last word in sound-reproducing instruments. The new electric Columbia Grafonola. No need of any attention from you, once the electric current is on, aside from changing records. To start the instrument you simply bring the tone-arm over to playing position. It operates perfectly on any current, whether direct or alternating; is adaptable to any voltage; may be attached to any socket; and can be depended upon to give continuous, silent, effective service under any and all conditions.  Dealers are ready to supply the Electric Columbia Grafonola in four models at the prices of $125, $135, $175 and $225. You benefit by mentioning "The Electrical Experimenter" when writing to advertisers.

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