1916 ad: Mutt and Jeff in the San Francisco Chronicle

. Monday, June 10, 2013

Mutt and Jeff in the San Francisco Chronicle. Say, I want you to go out on outpost duty, that is you're posted almost in very touch with the enemy's outpost. That is so that in case of attack we can hear 'em shoot you which will warn our troops to get ready. Thanks! Jeff, the colonel wants one of us to go out on outpost duty. I don't want to be selfish so I'm gonna let you have the honor. It's a soft job, you simply get as close to the German outpost as you can and watch him. I'll bet there's some catch to it. Aw, poor little Jeff! My conscience is killing me. I told him there was no danger to it. I'll bet he's dead by now. I'm gonna sneak out and see. Poor little pal. And say do you remember how we used to go into Pabst's Gardens in Milwaukee? Ha!Ha! Remember Max Schultz Ha Ha. Do I?  Do you know that Bud Fisher now draws these famous characters of his exclusively for the Chronicle in San Francisco? They are appearing daily. See Briggs' Funny "Kelly Pool" pictures too.

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