1918 ad: Snowdrift Pure vegetable shortening

. Monday, June 17, 2013

Vegetable Snowdrift. Pure vegetable shortening. Sweet and fresh and white. Until you have used Snowdrift you do not know how sweet and fresh and good-to-eat a shortening can be. Snowdrift is pure rich vegetable fat -- and nothing else. It is wholesome, easy to digest and very rich in food value. Use a third less than butter in the same recipe. Snowdrift is surprisingly white. It looks clean and pure ad it is. Its whiteness is a symbol of its purity. Snowdrift is creamy -- never too hard or too soft no matter what the weather. Try it in your own favorite recipes. Your grocer has it in full-weight two, four and eight pound tins. For shortening, for frying, for all cooking. Your grocer has it now. Everywhere.

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