1928 ad: Odd Pants

. Saturday, June 1, 2013

Must close! As you know we have to close for 15 days while altering our shop. Rather than store our immense stock, we are throwing it on your mercy. Here's your chance! Come running! Time grows short. Hurry! Come to-night Saturday, Monday, Tuesday. 69 cents, 85 cents, $1.25. $1.65. $1.95. Odd pants. Vacationists, campers, office workers -- here's your chance! Thee are going like wildfire and no wonder! What marvelous values they offer! Splendid fabrics, patterns and colors. Lots of dark shades for workingmen. All sizes. It will pay you to buy several pairs. Thin of the many occasions for odd pants. Outings in the woods, picking berries, working around the car or in the garden, marching in the Big Parade on the Glorious Twelfth. Look your best when you march past your friends. We have plenty of flannels in all shades. They're still very fashionable with a blue or dark coat. Also we guarantee to match any odd coat. Don't overlook this point. You probably have several perfectly good coats at home. These pants mean extra summer suits for you. They're all going fast. Don't delay. Come now. Extra special for campers! New khaki pants -- all sizes -- 85 cents. Amazing reductions. Odd coats. These, like every garment we sell are thoroughly repaired, cleaned and pressed. Extremely suitable for hikers, campers, vacationists, etc. or to wear with flannel trousers for special occasions. Every style and fabric in blues, browns, greys, etc. 95 cents. Also $1.50 -- $1.95. "The Glorious 12th" is nearly hear! Get ready with a smart suit! Here they are, biggest and best selection in Toronto! Nowhere but at O'Donnell's can you obtain such quality and value. Wide range of first-grade fabrics and smart styles t each of the prices. Nearly all hand-tailored and coming in every known color. In addition alterations are free. You'll certainly look your best at a mighty low cost. We say it again --- haste is essential! Come now! Free! with every complete suit, a brand new straw hat free! Vests - 19 cents. Felt hats 18 cents. Remember we have only one store. O'Donnell's 368 Yonge. Have you a deposit on any garment in our shop? If so, better get it before we close. It will save waiting. Open daily 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. We buy, trade and sell anything in men's clothing.

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