1945 ad: Pelbranized - A Scientific Fur Pelt Rejuvenator

. Thursday, June 6, 2013

Pelbranized - A Scientific Fur Pelt Rejuvenator. The Constad Laboratories. This tag on fur garments is buyer's protection against fur complaints. Good Housekeeping reports, "43.7% of all fur complaints are caused by fur ripping and seams splitting." Stay Skin is the only fur staying tested by the United States Testing Co., Inc. This scientific protective interlining prevents ripping, tearing, steams splitting, yet keeps the skin soft. Ask your manufacturer to use Stay Skins. Send for your introductory repair kit, enough to repair twenty coats. $5.50 east of the Rockies. The Constad Laboratories 44 West 29th Street, New York 1, N.Y.

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