1947 ad: Authentic Dick Tracy Rapid-Fire Tommy Gun - "the perfect gift for your growing boy!"

. Friday, June 28, 2013

Get this authentic Dick Tracy Rapid-Fire Tommy Gun that looks and sounds just like the real McCoy! Here's news about a sensational free offer to Dick Tracy fans.  Be sure to get the one and only authorized Dick Tracy Tommy Gun. $3.79 postpaid for a limited time only. Over 20 inches long. Now you can be a junior G-Man. Say, Kids -- how would you like to have the one and only authorized Dick Tracy rapid-fire tommy gun patterned after those used by the U.S. Army Commandos? Well, you have super-action guns for only $3.79. Watch the other kid's eyes "pop" when they se this wonderful Tommy gun. And when they hear that realistic "rat-a-tat-tat" of its trigger, they'll stick 'em up in a hurry! Everyone wants one of these genuine Dick Tracy Tommy Guns but it's first come first served so get your order in today! The ideal gift for every youngster! Parents: Here's the perfect gift for your growing boy! If he's a real Dick Tracy fan his eyes will pop when he sees this authentic Dick Tracy Tommy Gun. And playing detective with this wonderful Dick Tracy Tommy Gun and badge will increase his respect for the law, and at the same time offer him a healthy outlet for his boyish enthusiasm. This offer is limited to readers of this magazine who mail the coupon immediately. Mail the coupon today with only $3.79. Your gun, badge and Dick Tracy Club membership card will be rushed to you by return mail. Parker Johns -- Dept. DT-123 608 South Dearborn St., Chicago 5, Illinois. This genuine Dick Tracy detective badge is yours to keep Free even if you are not delighted with your Dick Tracy Tommy Gun. Yes, if not completely satisfied you may return your Tommy Gun for a complete refund and keep this wonderful gold finish Dick Tracy Detective Badge Free.

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