1947 ad: Bow-Lite

. Thursday, June 20, 2013

New! A laugh riot! Sensational ready-made electric bow-lite tie surprises them all! Flashes on at touch of concealed magic lever in your pocket. Yours for only $1.98. Wow the women, win new friends! Beautiful tie! Amazing trick! Ideal gift! Fellows, here's a swanky,ready-made bow tie that'll win you new friends everywhere you go! The bow-lite tie is new and different -- equipped with 2 miniature bulbs, cord and a concealed battery.Flashes on at the touch of a lever hidden away in your pocket! Smart looking, richly patterned bow tie you'll wear with pride everywhere! Think of the fun you can have at your next club meeting or evening out. You'll be the "light" of the party -- an instant hit with the ladies! Order your Bow-Lite tie today -- order several for gifts to your friends. Send for Bow-Lite Today! Sent on Approval. Clip the coupon and mail today.Then pay postman just $1.98 plus COD and postage on delivery. Try the Bow-Lite Tie on your family and friends. If you don't find the Bow-Lite Tie as handsome a tie as you've ever worn and as clever a trick as you've ever seen anywhere -- return it within 7 days for a full refund. NIRESK -- 430 N. Michigan, Chicago 11, Illinois.

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