1948 ad: Amazing Tulip Offer

. Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Our biggest bulb bargain. Amazing get acquainted... Tulip Offer. Our famous hardy planting stock. 100 bulbs for $1.69. Dozens of brilliant flaming colors in this Rainbow Mix Assortment... Darwin, Triumph, Breeder, and Cottage Tulips for remarkable low cost of less than 2 cents per bulb. Our prize selection of famous young especially selected strain and smaller because they are first and second year bulbs -- 1 1/2" to 2 1/4" in circumference. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back. Selected by Tulip experts who guarantee replacement of any bulb not developing to your satisfaction any time within 5 yars. Will fill your garden blazing color ranging from delicate pastel shades to bold flaming hues. Mail coupon today. Order now. Send no money. Send no money to get this marvelous tulip bulb bargain. Just check which offers you desire and rush order today. Your tulip bulb assortment with extra Dutch Iris Bulbs will be sent you immediately in plenty of time for fall planting. When postman brings you package just pay amount as checked in coupon plus COD postage. If you remit with order we'll pay postage. If you don't feel that you have hit the bargain jackpot of the garden world, return the bulbs and receive your money back. Extra 12 Dutch Iris Bulbs. Yes, as your gift for ordering this astounding tulip assortment we will send you 12 genuine first-year dutch Iris Bulbs extra and without additional cost. These gorgeous irises will give your garden new purples and blues that will make it the envy of your neighbors. All solid disease-free bulbs...extra just for mailing your tulip order coupon now. Other delightful flower bargains. Michigan Bulb Co., Dept RR-1506 Grand Rapids 2, Mich.

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