1948 ad: Get Laughs, Amaze Friends

. Sunday, June 23, 2013

Have fun! Get Laughs, Amaze Friends. So-called electric joy buzzer. Tickles and seems to shock them. The joy Buzer can be concealed in the palms of your hand after slipping a ring over one of your fingers. When you shake hands with anyone they touch off a mechanism that causes it to tickle, which to some seems like a shocking sensation. Only 69 cents. Ordr by No. 669. Pocket adding machine. Amazing new midget adding machine. Fits vest pocket. Adds, divides, subtracts, multiplies -- so simple, so easy to use! Does work of higher priced adding machines. Durable handsome leatherette case. Send for midget adding machine. On arrival, pay postman only $2.98 plus COD postage. Test 10 days and if you don't say it's the greatest bargain ever, return for money back. See address below. Order by No. 121. ow only $2.89. Guaranteed genuine 2 1/2 power binoculars. Have a close up view of far off events with these sensationally low priced, all purpose lite weight heavy duty plastic binoculars. (Neck strap with each pair.) Test 10 days at our risk and to be amazed at their power and beauty or refund guaranteed. Send no money -- pay postman $2.89 plus 20% federal tax and postage or enclose $2.89 plus tax and we pay postage. Don't wait -- supply is limited. Demand is great. Rush your order. Comb-a-trim. Something new! Trim your hair just like you comb your hair. Also removed hair from legs, arms, etc. Save on hair cuts. Trim your own hair and family's too! Only 89 cents. Order by No. 534. Now broadcast in your home with this amazing radio "Mike." Sensational new invention attaches to your radio. Speak into Mike and your own voice comes through the speaker as if you were broadcasting. Astound your friends as your voice comes over the air. No one can tell the difference unless you give the joke away! Amazing "MIKE" looks just like real microphone. Get one today! Just $1.49. Order by number. No. 641. 16mm Movie Projector. Hand operated. Show your own movies at home. Easy to use. Safe. 100-foot film capacity. Uses regular home type electric light bulb. Wide choice film available. Use order coupon. Only $7.95. No. 808. Liars Medals. Barrels of Fun. Squirt Ring. Sure fire joke to play on your friends. Mention your new ring and as they look squirt a stream of water in their face. So real, so innocent looking. Only 69 cents. No. 609. Amazing new "together: love and friendship ring. A beautiful emblem of love, friendship and good wishes. This ring is sterling silver; which becomes more attractive as it is worn. The hands actually clasp and unclasp as illustrated. Send no money now, just name, address and ring size. Your package send immediately. You pay postman only $3.49 plus a few cents postage and tax on arrival. Satisfaction or your money back. Learn to dance. Why be a lonely, unpopular wallflower when you can learn all the smart dances from the most modern to old favorites at home in private without teacher, music or partner. So easy that even a child can learn quickly. This book should teach you in five days -- or no cost. See order coupon. Only $1.00. Dribble glass. Make your drinking friends drool. Looks just like an ordinary glass until tipped water dribbles through the slits in side. No one can detect it! Roaring laughs every time. No. 382. Just 49 cents. American Rangers Machine Gun. This amazing new gun looks and makes a noise like a real machine gun. 25 inches long. Completely safe. an outstanding buy that will make every real boy happy. Only $3.98. No. 980. Amazing beautiful horse-she ring. Men! This handsome ring -- handmade, hand engraved, inlaid with simulated pearl, is a knockout! Monel metal is guaranteed for 20 years. Supply is limited. Rush your order. Send no money. Price only $2.98 plus excise tax and postage. Order by No. 200. Now play this new harmonica in 15 minutes or money back. You can now get this brand new golden tone harmonica plus simplified course of instruction that quickly teaches you to play song hits of every kind for only $1.49. If you can hum a tune you can learn to play. Not a toy, but a real musical instrument. Order No. 624. Amazing magic pencil. Multiplies and divides instantly. Get the right answer every time! Mistakes are impossible with this handy new invention. Divides up to 144, multiplies any primary number in a flash. Fits conveniently on pencil. Send no money -- on arrival play postman just 49 cents plus postage. Check No. 593 on coupon! Marriage license fooler. Fill in the names and have a lot of fun fooling your friends and "kidding" them. It's a simulated printed marriage license size of the usual genuine license. Price only 15 cents. Ask for marriage license fooler. Order by No. 162. Crazy mirror. Hilarious new novelty! Distorts face into amazing shapes. Gets more laughs than anything you've ever seen. Makes new friends, amuses old. Get one today. Just 29 cents. Check No. 564 on coupon below. How to order. Simply state item desired and price and mail your order to Hollister-White Co. Dept 554 215 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago 1, Illinois. If cash comes with order we pay postage. If COD postage is extra. Every item is fully guaranteed and may be returned in 10 days for refund if not satisfied. If you only want a free catalog, write name and address on a penny postcard.

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