1948 ad: "Hilarious" Mold-Art Rubber Masks

. Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Enjoy Hilarious "Monkey-Shines" at your next masquerade party with these amazing rubber masks.  It pulls over the head like a diver's helmet. Now watch me have some fun with the gang tonight at the masquerade. Cover entire head...last for years... So lifelike people gasp with amazement and delight. Mold-Art Rubber Masks are molded from the best grade natural flexible rubber. They cover the entire head. Yet you see thru the "eyes." The mouth moves with your lips... you breathe... smoke... talk... even eat thru it. Hand-painted for realism. Wonderful for every dress-up occasion -- for parties or gifts. Fun for children and adults alike. Boy! Would I have fun with that monkey face! You're funnier with your own. The Mystery Monkey Man sure has the girls all agog. Who is he and where did he get that mask? The Monkey $2.95. Satan $2.95. Old man $2.95. Old Lady $2.95. Other Subjects. Beggar $2.95. Special Santa Clause $4.95. Clown $2.95. Idiot $2.95. Yes here is Halfwit in all his goofiness. People howl with laughter when you put on this life-like mask. Rush coupon now! Ruber for Molds Inc. 6044 Avondale Avenue Chicago 31, Illinois.

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