1950 ad: How I lure the ladies into Grayson's Shops

. Sunday, June 30, 2013

Tempted by Railway Express ... or how I lure the ladies into Grayson's Shops. Mr. Zeb Tannenbaum, manager of Grayson's shop in San Antonio calls. Asks me if I can have 200 dresses picked up in New York on Monday... and delivered in San Antonio Thursday. I tell Mr. Tannenbaum that with me on the job Monday's style in New York becomes Thursday's dress sale in San Antonio. My quick delivery of the latest fashion proves irresistible to the ladies -- as you can see from the picture below, taken in the dress department of Grayson's San Antonio. And that's just one of the stores in the city now getting regular third morning delivery from New York by Railway Express. Whatever you ship.. wherever you ship... for service that's certain... for the fast, friendly way to ship. Always ask the express man! Railway Express Agency. Milton Hubbard, 24 years an express man.

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