1952 ad: The M.P.P. Mark VI

. Monday, June 24, 2013

The M.P.P. Mark VI Micro Technical Camera 5" x 4" The new British camera with every refinement. This precision built camera, incorporating every refinement the most expert photographer requires has caused favorable comment among photographers everywhere. Accessories available make it the world's most versatile camera. Special features include: Drop baseboard, 18" triple extension, wide angle rack (for use with lens from 3" focal length), rising, tilting and cross front, swing front allows lens to be swung on vertical axis, four-way swing back, rotatable through 360 degrees, back spring-loaded for instantaneous insertion and removal of slides. Price (excluding lens and shutter), Accessories: Focal plane shutter for use with 180 millimetre lens, range finder, coupled to focusing mechanism to match any lens, Descriptive leaflet of the M.P.P. Micro Technical Camera available upon request to Group P.J. Micro Precision Products LTD 145 London Road, Kingston-upon-Thames

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