1953 ads: Peace is for the strong

. Saturday, June 8, 2013

First Lieutenant Henry A. Commiskey, USMC Medal of Honor. One September day, near Yongdungp'o, Korea, Lieutenant Commiskey's platoon was assaulting a vital position called Hill 85. Suddenly it hit a field of fire from a Red machine gun. The important attack stopped cold. Alone, and armed with only a .45 calibre pistol, Lieutenant Commiskey jumped to his feet, rushed the gun. He dispatched its five-man crew then reloaded, and cleaned out another foxhole. Inspired by his daring, his platoon cleared and captured the hill. Lieutenant Commiskey says: "After all, only a limited number of Americans need serve in uniform. But, thank God there are millions more who are proving their devotion  in another vitally important way. People like you, whose 50-billion-dollar investment in U.S. Defense Bonds helps make America so strong no Commie can crack us from within. That counts plenty. "Our bullets along can't keep you and your family peacefully secure. But our bullets -- and your Bonds -- do!" Now E Bonds earn more! 1) All Series E Bonds bought after May 1, 1952 average 3% interest, compounded semiannually! Interest now starts after 6 months and is higher in the early years. 2) All maturing E Bonds automatically go on earning after maturity -- and at the new higher interest. Today, start investing in better-paying Series E Bonds through the Payroll Savings Plan where you work! Or inquire at any Federal Reserve Bank or Branch about the Treasury's brand-new bonds, Series H, J and K. Peace is for the strong! For peace and prosperity save wih U.S. Defense Bonds! The U.S. Government does not pay for this advertisement. It is donated by this publication in cooperation with the Advertising Council and the Magazine Publishers of America.

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