1953 ads: Save with U.S. Defense Bonds

. Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Our Marines' lifeline to the sea was in danger. A Communist force of 4,000 men had seized the key hill overlooking Hagaru-ri in the deperate Chosin Reservoir fighting. The hill had to be taken. But there were no combat forces available. Lieutenant Colonel Myers, then a major, rallied together clerks, cooks and other service personnel and led a makeshift unit of 250 men in an assault up the snow-covered 600-foot hill. Lacking combat offers and non-coms. Colonel Myers ranged the entire attacking front, leading his outnumbered forces upward in the face of murderous fire concentrated on him. After 14 hours of struggle, the enemy was routed, the hill captured, and the route to the sea secured. Colonel Myers says: "When a handful of men can help turn the tide of history, just think of the invincible strength of 150 million people working toward a common goal -- a secure America! That's what you, and millions of people like you, are accomplishing with your successful 50-billion-dollar investment in U.S. Defense Bonds. "Peace doesn't just happen -- it requires work. Our troops in Korea are doing their part of the job. You're doing yours when you buy bonds. Together we can hammer out the peace we're all working for." Now E. Bonds earn more! 1) All Series E Bonds bought after May 1, 1952 average 3% interest compounded semiannually! Interest now starts after 6 months and is higher in the early years. 2) All maturing E. Bonds automatically go on earning after maturity and at the new higher interest. Today, start investing in better paying Series E. Bonds through the Payroll Savings Plan where you work. Or inquire at any Federal Reserve Bank or Branch about the Treasury's brand new bonds. Series H.J and K. Peace is for the strong! For peace and prosperity save with U.S. Defense Bonds! The U.S. Government does not pay for this advertisement. It is donated by this publication in cooperation with the Advertising Council and the Magazine Publishers of America. Lt. Colonel Reginald R. Myers, USMC Medal of Honor

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