1967 ad: Cowles Comprehensive Encyclopedia

. Thursday, June 6, 2013

She has all the right answers and can carry them wherever she goes. Sixteen complete volumes of related up-to-date information are compacted into her handsome sturdy Cowles Comprehensive Encyclopedia especially designed to travel and be used anywhere. For less than 50 cents per week average cost, you, too, can own The Cowles Comprehensive Encyclopedia plus subscribe to your favorite family magazines on a long-term basis -- through your local Home Reference Library franchise dealer. His convenient, no-interest budget payment program calls for just $4.25 down and $4.25 per month for 29 months -- then 31 more months of magazine service at no additional cost. Here is a full, well-rounded reading and reference program ... convenient, dependable, economical. Savings from newsstand value of the magazines alone generally average between $40.00 and $60.00. Plus -- a special reference question-answering service is a no-cost bonus for everyone purchasing The Cowles Comprehensive Encyclopedia through his Home Reference Library dealer. So call your dealer today. Check the white pages in your telephone directory or write to the address below for the location of your nearest franchise. Some outstanding features found in the new Cowles Comprehensive Encyclopedia. Revolutionary 3D Xograph print sample. Practical built-in multiplex dictionary. Exciting photos taken from outer space. Big 50,400-subject index. Topical arrangement of subject matter packs in 30% more facts than alphabetical arrangement. Authoritative 65-page atlas section by Rand McNally. Quick-find thumb indexing. High-fidelity color reproductions of the world's greatest paintings. See-through color overlay presentation of the human anatomy. Special kindergarten section including poems and games. Up-to-date flags of all nations, in full color. Over 2,400 pages -- 3,750,000 words. Renowned contributors from all fields. Timely photos and illustrations. Now in over 2,000,000 American homes and libraries. Home Reference Library Inc. A subsidiary of Cowles Communications Inc.,  publishers of Look - 111 10th Street, Des Moines, Iowa 50305

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