1967 ad: Find College Scholarships by Computer

. Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New -- find college scholarships by computer. Last year $30 million in college scholarships went unclaimed because no qualified persons applied -- because no qualified persons knew about them. Now ECS engineers and educators have programmed a high-speed computer with 700,000 items of scholarship aid, worth over $500 million, to permit students to easily and quickly locate scholarships for which they qualify. The student fills out a detailed confidential questionaire and returns it to ECS with a one-time computer processing fee of $15 in seconds the computer compares his qualifications against requirements of grants set up by foundations, business, civic, fraternal, religious and government organizations and prints an individualized report to the student telling him where and when to apply for grants for which he qualifies. Thousands of these do not depend on scholastic standing or financial need. Free information and sample questionaire. North American Educational Computer Services, Inc. 195 Nassau Street Princeton, New Jersey

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