1967 ad: Holiday Inn Restaurants serve the best everywhere

. Saturday, June 8, 2013

Holiday Inn Restaurants serve the best everywhere. Take prime beef. Season it expertly with the finest herbs and spices to bring out the best of the real beef taste. Now, gently, carefully roast it until the flowing juices signal the perfect moment of tenderness and the full aroma indicates the peak of flavor. This is the way prime beef was meant to be cooked. Taste it and you know why it's called prime. This is another reason why Holiday Inn Restaurants are the favorites of today's travelers... even when they are at home. Use your Gulf, American Express or Diners Club Card at any Holiday Inn in more than 700 cities across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico or the Bahamas. For your free booklet. The Holiday Inn Cookbook Editor's Favorite Recipes, write: Dept. 10-L1. Holiday Inns of America, Post Office Box 18216 -- Holiday City, Memphis, Tennessee 38118

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