1967 ad: How to Make Money

. Thursday, June 20, 2013

Retirees... Housewives...Students...Second-Income Seekers... how to make money representing Look and other fine magazines. Now you can put your free, at-home hours to profitable use as an authorized representative for Look's Independent Sales Division! Offer Look and all other fine publications to friends, neighbors and others in your community at regular subscription rates (well below the cost of their single-copy values)). Many money-saving special offers are also normally available. Everyone reads magazines -- so enter new orders, renew current ones, suggest magazines as Christmas, birthday, wedding or many other gift ideas. You earn a handsome commission on every order with absolutely no investment except for 25 cents to cover handling and mailing of your sales kit. There are no quotas to maintain, no supervision f any kind, no limit on potential earnings. You will profit in proportion to the amount of effort exerted. Many representatives earn in excess of $2,000.00 yearly.Thousands of people, just like you, are already taking advantage of this opportunity... so send for your kit today and start earning within two weeks, right from your own home! Mail to: Lee Morgan Independent Sales Division 111 10th S. Des Moines Iowa 50304

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