1967 ad: The I.W. Harper Holiday Game

. Thursday, June 20, 2013

The I.W. Harper Holiday Game. Giving I.W. Harper in this lavish holiday decanter shows you to be: (check all words that apply) discerning, thoughtful, sage, generous, inspired, lovable. Score (1-2 Checks): You're a good judge of bourbon... and people! (3-4 checks): Your a bourbon connoisseur, and a very find fellow (5-6 checks): You're our kind of gift giver -- and deserve a citation! To get your personalized Bourbon Givers Award, send name and address to P.O. Box 5108, Louisville, Kentucky 40205. I.W. Harper...the only Bourbon enjoyed in 110 countries! Diamond-cut decanter and holiday wrap gratis, on both mellow Gold Medal and Bottled in Bond. (Our own thoughtful touch.)

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