1967 ad: Only one car can make a Cadillac owner look twice

. Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Only one car can make a Cadillac owner look twice. Longtime Cadillac owners, accustomed to the finest, have high regard for the spirited glamour of the 1968 Fleetwood Eldorado -- the world's finest personal car. While they may prefer one of Cadillac's ten other more traditionally styled models, they cannot help but have deep admiration for the bold concept of the Eldorado. For it reflects the fresh vitality of every 1968 Cadillac, emphasized by the completely new 472 V-8 engine -- the biggest, smoothest V-8 ever put into passenger car production. Don't you think that you, too, should give Cadillac a second look? Elegance in action. Cadillac.

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