1967 ad: World's first "No-Alarm" Alarm Clock

. Tuesday, June 4, 2013

New! World's first "No-Alarm" Alarm Clock guaranteed to wake you (and you won't know how) or money back! (Battery Operated)) Now! Never oversleep again. New space age electric cordless Melasonic alarm, totally unlike any alarm clock ever, awakens you naturally, pleasantly bu the new science of psychological "sonic suggestion." No rings, no dings, no headaches. No ineffective music that lulls you back to sleep. Guaranteed to get you up no matter how sound you sleep. Case looks and feels like fine brown leather. White face, clear black numerals, decorative golden hour markers, luminous hands. Runs entire year on 1 flashlight battery. Snap-on cover for travel. Full-year guarantee. $19.98 ppd. Prompt Shipment. Satisfaction guaranteed. Send check or M.O. Write for free color catalog of unique gifts. HOBI Inc. Dept. H-127 Lake Success N.Y. 11040

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