1971 ad: The gift that keeps on giving

. Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This Christmas gift will be delivered the week of July 17... October 2.... March 6... September 11... June 26... November 6.... August 14.... May 29.... December 18... April 24... February 7... May 15... January 10... August 7... March 20... and...  each week during 1972. And that's a big part of what makes a year-long gift subscription to Life so welcome. It's a gift that keeps on coming -- and keeps on being appreciated -- long after the holiday season is over. When you give Life for Christmas, you give a unique weekly package of entertainment and information filled with the brilliant photography and behind the scenes reporting that has made Life famous. 52 weeks of news, personalities, fashion, travel, sports, the arts, special features and regular reviews -- each issue is a distinctive, excitement-packed "Merry Christmas" greeting to those you care for. It's the perfect holiday gift. Delivery starts right before Christmas with a handsome gift announcement card we send in your name along with a big, beautiful double holiday issue, this year devoted entirely to the subject of Children. We won't even bill you until after the new year, and then only at the special low holiday gift rate of $7 for the first full-year gift subscription, and $6 for each additional gift you give. Life's regular annual subscription price is $10.00. To order just fill in the postpaid card attached. The more gifts you give; the more money you save. So list as many names as you'd like -- and say "Season's Greetings" with a fresh copy of Life every week of the year.

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