1974 ad: The 8080 Microcom puter is here

. Monday, June 17, 2013

From CPU to software, the 8080 Microcomputer is here. Intel's new 8080 n-channel microcomputer is here -- incredibly easy to interface, simple to program and with up to 100 times the performance of p-channel MOS microcomputers. Best of all, the 8080 is real -- in production at Intel and available in volume quantities, today. It's also available through distributors along with a growing line of peripheral circuits and a new version of the Intellec 8, a program and hardware development system for the 8080 all supported with software packages, design documentation and manuals and backed by more than 100 man years of microcomputer expertise. The 8080 is the inevitable successor to complex custom MOS and many large discrete logic subsystems. It is the industry's first general purpose n-channel microcomputer and the first high performance single-chip CPU with extremely simple interface requirements and straightforward programming. It runs a full instruction cycle in 2 microseconds. As such, the 8080 extends the economic benefits of Intel's p-channel microcomputers to a new universe of systems that need fact, multi-port controllers and processors. These systems include intelligent terminals, point of sale systems, process and numeric controllers, advanced calculators, word processors, self-calibrating instruments, data loggers, communications controllers, and many more.  You can use 256 input and 256 output channels, handle almost unlimited interrupt levels, directly access 64 kilobytes of memory, and put many satellite 8080 processors around a single memory. Interfacing is minimal and design is easy with the 8080 because all controls are fully decoded on the CPU chip itself and inputs and outputs are TTL compatible. These are separate data, address and control buses. The 8080 microcomputer has 78 basic instructions, including the 8008 set plus new ones that make possible such features as vectored multi-level interrupt, unlimited subroutine nesting and very fast decimal and binary arithmetic. Program development fo the 8080 can be done either on a large computer using the Intel software cross products (PL/M systems language compiler, macro-assembler and simulator), or on an Intellec 8 development system with a resident monitor, text editor and macro-assembler. The new 8080 product family includes performance matched peripheral and memory circuits configured to minimize design effort and maximize system performance. Large, low cost RAMS, ROMs, PROMs and I/O devices are available now and we will soon announce other 8080 LSI support circuits. The 8080 is easier to use and more economical than any high performance microcomputer in sight. It's here now, in volume, from the inventors of the microcomputer and the people who lead the industry in production and design support. Intel Corporation, 3065 Bowers Avenue, Santa Clara, California 95051. (408) 246-7501. Intel Microcomputers. First from the beginning.

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