1974 ad: The Advantages of RCA Numitron display devices

. Tuesday, June 11, 2013

When your design calls for the brightest readout... consider all the advantages of RCA Numitron Display Devices. In applications where brightness is critical RCA Numitron devices meet your most exacting requirements. They don't wash out, even in direct sunlight. But brightness is just one important feature to think about when selecting display devices. Consider all the features that RCA Numitron devices have to offer: Unlimited color filter selection because of wide-spectrum light emission. Brightness is completely controllable -- the device maintains uniform brightness from segment to segment, even when operated at reduced voltages. High reliability and rugged construction. Life expectancy is more than 100,000 hours. Low-voltage operation (4.5 volts or 2.5 volts nominal). Compatible with IC decoder/drivers such as the RCA CD2500E family. Freedom from induced or radiated interference. Planar construction offers uncluttered, wide-angle viewing. Operating temperature range from -50 degrees C to +125 degrees C. RCA Numitron devices are rugged! The DR2200 Series can withstand shock of 200g and vibration of 20g max over a 60 to 500 Hz frequency range. Numitron displays are flexible, too. Solderable base pins permit direct PC board mounting. The DR2000 series of devices fit low-cost 9-contract miniature sockets. DR2100 and DR2200 Series fit TO 510 contract sockets. Bright sharp dependable -- RCA Numitron devices offer many important performance advantages to designers of commercial, or military applications. Ask for RCA's Numitron Display Devices Designer's brochure (NUM-421A). You'll get the latest application information and data. Contact your RCA representative or RCA Numitron Device Distributor or write RCA Commercial Engineering, Sec. 57F7415 S. 5th St., Harrison New Jersey 07029.

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