1974 ad: Allen-Bradley Resistors

. Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There's more to resistors than resistance. If you're really serious about cost, be serious about quality. If you think all resistive components are the same, listen to what these users have to say about Allen-Bradley fixed composition resistors: Buyer--"A-B has shipped nearly four million parts without a single reject or problem. The quality is superb. I've spent 12 years in production control and purchasing. I've seen the amount of down-time, rework and field retrofit caused by others." President--"We have used many millions of Allen-Bradley hot-molded resistors. The uniformity of quality from one shipment to the next is truly outstanding." Engineering--"When we use A-B resistors instead of some other make, it's one less component we have to worry about." "We learned the hard way. The subtle things make the difference. They all add up to the top quality we want in our products." Purchasing Agents--"We wish we had more Allen-Bradleys." Write for Publication RD. Allen-Bradley Electronics Division, 1201 South Second Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204 Export: Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003. Canada: Allen-Bradley Canada Limited, Cambridge, Ontario. United Kingdom: Jarrow, Co. Durham NE32 3EN. A-B Allen-Bradley Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204.

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