1974 ad: MOSKEK's 16-pin 4K RAM

. Wednesday, June 12, 2013

MOSTEK's 16-pin 4K RAM makes memory design easy. With MOSTEK's MK4096P you can reduce memory board size by 50% and power dissipation by 45% over 22-pin RAMs with no increase in package count. Add up the advantages for yourself. The MK4096 incorporates TTL-compatible clocks eliminating the need for special high-voltage clock drivers required by 22-pin competitive devices. Low clock line capacitance with the MK4096 means fewer drivers and less delay. Fewer signal lines and signal drivers required. Compared with 22-pin packages, the MK4096 requires six less address lines to be driven throughout the memory matrix. In addition to making PC layout easier this means fewer address drivers are required. Only standard TTL required for chip select decode logic. Using MOSTEK's MK4096, two-level decode logic for a 16K by 8 memory matrix can be implemented with standard or "L' series TTL, wheras "H" or "S" series is required by competitive 22-pin 4K RAMs. This is because the MK 4096 requires decoded chip select information to be valid at the Column Address Strobe (CAS) leading edge which is 150 nsecs into the cycle. The 22-pin alternatives require valid chip select information no longer than 70 nsecs after the cycle begins. No additional packages required for second strobe or clock signal. Timing specifications for the MK 4096 allow use of the existing WRITE signal timing logic as the Column Address Strobe generator so no additional timing channel needs to be added to the memory controller. Thus there is no requirement for additional packages. Address multiplexing is accomplished easily. Multiplexing of addresses is common to all memory systems using dynamic RAMs due to the refreshing requirement. 22 pin 4K RAMs require a 6-bit refresh address as does the MK 4096. The only additional requirement with the MK4096 is that the address be multi-plexed in two 6-bit bytes, accomplished with a multiplexer that is 3-wide instead of 2-wide and a multiplexer control that is 2-bits wide instead of 1-bit wide. Result? The MK4096 scores highest in density, lowest in power dissipation and requires no additional packages in the memory controller. Add up the advantages of MOSTEK's 4K RAM and you'll understand why it's already becoming the industry leader in design ease, performance and volume availability. Call your nearest MOSTEK distributor or representative for more details or contact MOSTEK, 1215 West Crosby Road, Carrollton, Texas 75006 (214) 242-0444. Now alternative sourcing of the MK4096 by Fairchild. MOSTEK

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