1974 ad: Teletype the computercations people

. Saturday, June 8, 2013

Just how much longer will the model 33 be around? The moment economy, reliability and versatility in data communications go out of date, the model 33 will become obsolete. But the more we look at today's business and economic environment the more it seems the model 33 will live forever. Because where else can you get so much for so little? When the model 33 was first introduced, it was a bargain. Today, it's still a bargain. But it's hardly the same machine. We've got a team of engineers assigned to the model 33 and their job is to keep making it better. Every year, they come up with a number of new features and improvements. Some improvements make the 33 more dependable and versatile. Others make it easier and more economical to manufacture. Because of these changes, the model 33s we're building today are standard-duty terminals instead of light-duty units. And our manufacturing changes have enabled us to stay ahead of rising costs. Since we feel the model 33 is going to be around for a long, long time to come, our parts support, quality service and continued product improvement programs are as strong as ever. It takes more than manufacturing facilities to build the terminals Teletype Corporation offers. It also takes commitment. From people who think service is as important as sales. In terminals for computers and point-to-point communications. Teletype. The computercations people. For more information about any Teletype product, write or call Terminal Central. Teletype Corporation, Dept 89U, 5555 Touhy Avenue Skokie Illinois 60076. Phone 312-982-2500. Teletype is a trademark registered in the United States Patent Office.

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