1974 ad: Teletype is still the thriftiest ASR terminal around

. Sunday, June 9, 2013

This member of our family is still the thriftiest ASR terminal around. Dollar for dollar, the Teletype model 33 is the least expensive, most reliable data terminal in its class. Because once you see how well it performs, you won't believe its price. That's one reason why the model 33 is the most popular terminal in the industry. But it's hardly the only reason. The model 33 is designed and built for extremely reliable operation at 100 wpm. And since it operates on the eight-level ASCII code, it speaks the language most computers understand. Both mini-computers and maxi-computers. Which makes compatibility another reason behind its popularity. Then there are some reasons you can't see. But they're there  just the same. Like complete technical sales and service back-up to help you with installation and maintenance. Available in three basic configurations, the model 33 is a lot of machine. At a very small price. It takes more than manufacturing facilities to build the machines Teletype Corporation offers. It also takes commitment. From people who think service is as important as sales. In terminals for message communications and computers. That's why we invented a new name for who we are and what we make. The computercations people. Teletype The computercations people. For more information about any Teletype product, write or call: Terminal Central, Teletype Corporation, Dept. 53P, 5555 Touhy Avenue, Skokie, Illinois 60076; Phone 312-982-2500.

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