1974 ad: Testing with MITS lab quality test equipment

. Saturday, June 15, 2013

Testing! with MITS lab quality test equipment. One. SG 1900 -- the audio sweep generator provides the capabilities of both a fixed frequency (CW) and a sweep generator in a laboratory quality intrument. Modes include CW, linear sweep, and log sweep with  a sweep time of 10 milliseconds o 100 seconds. Waveforms are sine, square, and triangle. The range is from 1 Hz to 100 KHz. The output has fixed attenuation levels of 0.20 and 40 dB+-dB as well as continuously variable attenuation. Prices: Kit $119.95. Assembled $149.95. Two: WG 1700 -- the Waveform generator/frequency counter is sell suited to a wide variety of last work. Six carrier waveforms (sine, triangle, square-ramp, sawtooth, and pulse) and three internal AM or FM modulator waveforms (sine, triangle and square) are featured. The carrier frequency range is 1 Hz to 1.5 MHz in 12 overlapping ranges; the modeulator waveform frequency range is 100 Hz to 150 KHz in six overlapping ranges. Both outputs are buffered for low output impedance. The unit also accepts external AM or FM modulating signals. The frequency counter with adjustable sensitivity measures the waveform generator output frequency and frequency of external signals from 1 Hz to over 10 MHz with input impedance of 100K ohms. Prices: Kit $199.95. Assembled $249.95 Three. DV 1600 -- the 2 1/2 digit Digital Voltmeter is a perfect companion for MITS' other fine test equipment. Features include full scale measurement of alternating and direct current in five ranges from .1 maa to 1 amp, measurement of AC and DC voltage in four ranges to 1000 volts and measurement of ohms in six ranges to 10 megohms. The resolution in low ranges for votage is 10 mv; for curent 10 and for resistance, 1 ohm. The DC accuracy is +-5% and the AC accuracy is +- 1%. Other features include autopolarity and 100% overrange capability on all ranges which effectively doubles full-scale capability. Prices: Kit $89.95. Assembled $129.95. Four. ICT 1800 -- the Integrated Circuited Tester is ideal for testing digital integrated circuits and for broadboarding IC's while developing circuits. The 18 LED indicators show the status of the IC under test. The internal 5 volt 1 amp power supply which has overtemperature and overcurrent shutdown capabilities, is also available for external use. The corss bar switch allows complete programming of the IC under test. Other features include an internal two speed clock, single step capability and four each remote outputs and inputs. Prices: Kit $119.95. Assembled $169.95. PLUS ICT-1810 The Operational Amplifier Tester and fast, simple GO/NO GO test capability tests operational amplifiers for gain, stability, input offset votage and input bias current in a dynamic operating environment. A single LED Indicates IC status. Prices: Kit $29.95. Assembled $39.95. Power Sale. PS 500 -- the 5 Volt Power Supply, which has overtemperature and overcurrent shutdown capability, is an ideal unit to power TTL, DTL and other IC's. Features include load regulation at 0.6% and line regulation at 0.005% Output voltage is 5 volts - .2 volt. Prices Kit $29.95. $19.95 while they last. Warrenty: Full two-years warrenty on assembled units, 90 days on kits. Prices subject to change without notice. Available from your local Olson Electronics Dealer. MITS Inc. "Creative Electronics" 6328 Linn, N.E. Albuquerque, New Mexico 87108. 505/265-7553 Telex Number 660401

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