1974 ad: What would you do with a statistic and number-crunching computer?

. Friday, June 7, 2013

What would you do with a statistic and number-crunching computer that starts at $7,400, has 16K Hardwired Basic Language and 28 Major Peripherals? Plenty! The new Wang System 2200 is a System. It gives you the raw power and the peripherals you have for a wide range of problem solving. For under $7,500 you get a CPU with 16K bytes of BASIC language instructions hardwired into the electronics...plus a 4K operating memory. You also get a big 16 lines (of 64 characters each) CRT display, a console mag tape drive and your choice of either alpha or BASIC Keyword keyboards. Some Words About Language: The hardwired MOS ROM language in your System 2200 finally ends your dollar trade-offs...economy systems that are costly to program or very expensive systems that are relatively easy to program. Many if not most of your people already know BASIC. They'll be solving problems the day your system is delivered (and we can deliver in about two weeks). Most of your budget will go into problem solving not system support. Try to out-grow it: Main memory is field expandable in 4Kincrements (at $1,600 per 4K) Up to 32K. You can choose from three kinds (and 7 price ranges) of printers...one even has a stepping motor for very precise 4-gradrant incremental plotting.Speaking of plots, we have a new very large flatbed (31" x 48") for only $8,000 or a smaller one if you plot small. Both print alphanumerics and plot under full program control. Been appalled lately by disk prices? Starting at just $4,500  we offer you our new "floppy" disk in single, double and triple disk configurations (.25, .50 and .75 MB's). For big disk power, you can have 1,2 or 5 megabyte fixed/removable disk systems. All peripherals, including punched or mark sense hopper card readers, paper tape readers and on-line BCD or ASCII controllers are easily added on in the field so your System 2200 will grow with your needs. The wise terminal: If you are now or may soon be getting into terminals, we have several new products that will instantly upgrade your System 2200 for telecommunications with any other System 2200 or a mainframe computer. And, you still have a powerful stand-alone system. Another approach, of course, is to justify it as a powerful terminal and get a "free" standalone computer. Wise? We do a lot for you: System 2200 is backed by over 250 factory-trained Wang Service Technicians in 105 U.S. Cities. Naturally we guarantee or warranty everything you buy from us. If you want, there are free programming/operating schools here in Tweksbury, Massachusetts, almost every week. We have a growing program library on a wide range of statistics and math/science applications. Our user group (with the unlikely name of "SWAP") could help you cut programming costs even further. We do a lot for you. Wang. All prices U.S. List. If you're the entrepreneur type, we've just announced a new 7-module Basic Accounting System software package for the business end of your business like payroll, invoicing, inventory, receivables and some really fancy management reports. Even if you call the Wang System 2200 a small systems you have to admit it's a big idea. Wang Laboratories 836 North St., Tewksbury, Massachusetts 01876, Tel. (617) 851-4111.

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