1861 ad: The Boston Stereotype Foundry

. Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Boston Stereotype Foundry. Established in 1822 and carried on since December 1849 by a company of workmen. Incorporated March 1850. Books of all descriptions. Stereotyped of electrotyped promptly and faithfully. Under the present organization the leading hands in the various departments of composition proof-readers and stereotyping, to the number of 20 comprising valuable additions to those who had previously sustained the high reputation of this well known Foundry, share in the responsibilities and profits of the business; giving a degree of efficiency and skill to be obtained in no other way. Books of all descriptions. Stereotyped or electrotyped promptly and faithfully. Publishers and authors are referred to the numerous works that have been stereotyped at this establishments from its commencement to the present time as guarantees for our fulfillment of contracts with security and good taste. By the employment of large fonts of type in connection with our system of co-operation we are enabled to complete work when required with great dispatch. Extensive preparations have been made for applying the art of electrotyping, and we are ready to furnish copper plates from all kinds of type work and wood cuts. Advertisements and advertising cuts for newspapers stereotyped or electrotyped on wooden or metal bodies. All kinds of job work executed in a tasteful manner. A silver medal and diploma were awarded to the Boston Stereotype Foundry at the late exhibition of the Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Association in this city, for the best specimens of Electrotype work. Orders may be addressed to Charles J. Peters, Agent, No. 4 Spring Lane, up stairs.

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