1861 ad: Seth Kinman

. Monday, July 8, 2013

Novel and interesting entertainment. Seth Kinman the California Pioneer & Hunter who presented a Buck-Horn chair to James Buchanan on his election to the presidency will exhibit his Elk-Horn Chair which he intends to present in person to Louis Napoleon. Also his collection of California Curiosities and ingenious contrivances. Characteristic of the famous Pioneer -- comprising a grizzly bear automaton. A suit of clothes made by bearskin. Without seams. A Pike County Cremona (a violin made from the bones f the head of his favorite mule Dave from which Seth Kinman produces the "most eloquent music." Indian Weapons etc. etc. Will exhibit at _________ On _______. Admission _______.  Doors open from one to five, and from to ten P.M. Commercial Steam process, 517 Clay Street, San Francisco

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