1908 ad: Music of the Past and Present

. Thursday, July 25, 2013

Music of the past and present. To play a Liszt Rhapsodie acceptably from the sheet music necessitates year of hard, grinding practice -- and even then there must be real talent to begin with. Ability to play the same composition beautifully and artistically may be the instant possession of anyone who buys The Pianola Piano. With the Pianola Piano you have the option of the two accepted ways of playing the piano. For hand-playing or for manual practice, the Pianola Piano affords every advantage possessed by the best upright piano. But in addition it provides the modern way of playing with the Pianola Roll. Why limit yourself to one method when you might have both. The Metrosyle. This is an exclusive device with the Pianola and Pianola Plano. It has been called the brains of the Pianola for it shows even a novice how to play with the effect of a finished pianist. Many a musician has declared that he would not give serious consideration to any piano player without the Metrostyle. Yet none of the other Piano players have anything which even pretends to take the place of this improvement. The Thermodist. This is another great improvement only to be had in the Pianola and Pianola Piano. the Thermodist brings out the theme or melody above the accompaniment, thus doing away with the mechanical effect so much criticized by musicians in other instruments. Ten years ago, the choice of a piano depended solely on matters of tone, action, durability, reputation and so on. Today, the paramount question is, buy a piano that contains the pianola or not? The Aeolian Company, Aeolian Hall 362 Fifth Avenue near 34th street, New York City

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