1908 Sears Catalog ad: Gem Bathroom Outfit

. Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our gem bathroom outfit, $51.10. Reduced from $55.95. In our gem bathroom outfit we are offering to our customers a strictly high grade bathroom outfit and one that is suitable for any bathroom. We have gotten up this outfit in order that our customers may have an opportunity of equipping their homes with an outfit equal to anything on the market, regardless of price. The tub furnished with this outfit is a 5-foot heavy roll rim, cast iron, highly enameled bath tub with claw pattern feet and is furnished complete with our No. 4 1/2 brass nickel plated bath cock, nickel plated heavy brass supply pipes and nickel plated brass connected waste and overflow. The lavatory furnished is an 18x24 inch lavatory with a 10-inch back, made of high grade cast iron, heavily enameled by a special process which we guarantee will not flake, craze or peel off. It has a large apron as shown in illustration and is furnished complete with our bell trap, nickel plated air chamber supply pipes and nickel plated brass faucets. The closet furnished in this outfit is a syphon jet bowl with a low down tank and seat. The tank is a highly polished tank fitted with heavy brass trimmings, has a china push button in front of tank, a slight touch of which releases the valve and causes a positive flush. It is furnished with a heavy brass nickel plated supply pipe from tank to the floor. The seat is made of highly polished oak and has heavy brass nickel plated offset hinges. The bowl furnished with this closet is made of the very highest grade of English vitreous earthenware. We feel positive any person purchasing this outfit from us will be more than satisfied with the quality of the goods and the appearance of the outfit, as it is impossible for us to do justice to this outfit by anything which we might  say of it. The closet in this outfit is shipped from Chicago. The bath tub and lavatory from our factory in Southeastern Wisconsin. Shipping weight about 550 pounds. No. 42K215 Price $51.10. For the convenience of our customers we can furnish the above outfit with all fittings threaded for iron pipe connections at an extra charge of $1.50.

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