1908 Sears Catalog ad: Guaranteed Clothes Wringer

. Saturday, July 27, 2013

Our Curtis Line of five-year guaranteed clothes wringers. The Curtiss five-year clamp wringer. Regular retail price $7.00. Our price $3.67. The most perfect wringer made. Money cannot buy a better wringer as it is not possible to make a higher grade article. Every piece of material used in making this wringer is positively the best quality. The rolls measure 11 x 1 1/4 inches and are made of pure elastic Para rubber which will wring drier and last longer than any other. Every roll is guaranteed for five years and if one proves defective within that time we will replace it free of all expense. The steel spring in the genuine Curtis wringer gives an even and elastic pressure and the improved guide board spreads the clothes as they pass between the rolls, causing them to wear evenly and adds to the life of both the wringer and the clothes. Remember that you cannot buy at any price a better wringer than the genuine Curtis as it is not possible to produce a better article. We take the entire output of the factory on the genuine Curtis highest grade 5-year guarantee wringer and it can only be bought from us. Remember that while our price for this finest quality wringer is only $3.67 imitations of it with inferior quality rolls, are regularly sold by local dealers for $6.00 to $7.50 each. We sell thousands of the Genuine Curtis wringers every year and we have never known one to fail to please. Shipping weight of the Genuine Curtis Five-Year Guaranteed Wringer 25 pounds. No. 9K2223 Price $3.67. Guaranteed for five years. Curtis five-year guaranteed bench wringer. Regular retail price, $7.50. Our price $4.71. The king of wringers. Exactly the same wringer as the Curtis Clamp Wringer described above but with folding bench which holds two tubs as shown in illustration. Nothing better has ever been produced. Has pure elastic Para rubber rolls, size, 11 x 1 3/4 inches which will wring drier and last longer than any other. We warrant these rolls for five years and with ordinary care they should last fifteen years in family use. The folding bench holding two tubs has an oscillating dripboard which conducts the water into either tub. Has best lignum vitae bearings; improved guide board, steel pressure spring; is constructed in the most substantial manner and when folded will occupy but little more floor space than an ordinary wringer. Shipping weight 46 pounds. No. 9K2236. price (not including tubs) $4.71.

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