1908 Sears Catalog ad: Hygienic Sanitary Protector for women "who value comfort, cleanliness and health"

. Monday, July 29, 2013

Hygienic Sanitary Protector. No woman who values comfort, cleanliness and health should be without it. The only practical protector. Perfect in fit. Safe in use. This protector is made of a transparent India rubber sack which is very soft and pliable and also very strong. This sack readily admits a napkin or any other soft substance like cheesecloth or cotton and will hold it securely in the proper position. the belt is made of the very best lisle, non-elastic. The strap to which the sack is buckled is made of a superior grade of lisle elastic, which gives with the different movements of the body, thus keeping the protector always in the right place. It is perfectly sanitary, comfortable, pliable and non-irritating; easily adjusted and readjusted and indispensable to women walking, riding or traveling. Always clean and ready for use. Feels cool in inclement weather. This protector will save many times its cost in washing and bleaching. it is absolutely waterproof and thereby positively prevents soiling of the underwear. Each protector comes put up in a neatly finished box with full and explicit directions. With proper use will last a lifetime. After use each month all that is necessary is to clean it with a damp cloth or sponge. In ordering, give waist measure. Regular price $1.00. No. 8K3505 Our price 34 cents. If by mail postage extra 3 cents.

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