1908 Sears Catalog ad: Kenco Battery Fan Motor

. Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kenco Battery Fan Motor. Costs 1 cent per hour to run. A portable fan motor for the home, office and sick room. The Kenco Battery Fan Motor is the most efficient motor of its kind on the market. Is adjustable on any angle. Can be attached to the wall or set on a desk, stand or shelf. It is an ornament to any room. The field is made of electrical steel punchings, the armature is of the six-slot drum type, brushes are adjustable, is equipped with oil cups with automatic feed. The base and frame are finished in black enamel; the noiseless bearings, 8-inch fan and guard are heavily nickel plated. One set of 20 cells of dry battery wired in multiple series will run this motor three hours per day for about three months. If worked continuously, not allowing the battery to recuperate the total number of hours the battery will operate is greatly reduced. Where constant service is required we recommend the use of two or three sets of batteries. When the batteries are exhausted, they are no longer of any use and must be thrown away. A new set, however, will make the fan outfit as good as new. The fan motor itself should last for years. No. 20K6150 The Motor complete with fan, guard, 20 feet of cord and 20 dry cells wired and packed in a neat case ready to connect to the motor when received. Weight complete 52 pounds. Price $8.75. No. 20K6151 Motor with fan and guard, without batteries and cord. Weight 7 pounds, price $4.90. No. 20K6152 Battery for this motor, consisting of 20 high grade dry cells packed in a neat wooden cse completely wired, ready to connect to motor. Weight 45 pounds. Price $3.95.

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