1908 Sears Catalog ad: Leader Bathroom Outfit

. Thursday, July 11, 2013

Our leader bathroom outfit, $33.90. Reduced from $34.95. We illustrate in our leader bathroom outfit one of the best medium priced bathroom outfits, quality considered, that was ever offered by anyone. The closet furnished with this outfit is a lowdown pattern with tank of golden oak, nicely polished. It is lined with heavy copper and is furnished with a china push button a slight touch of which will empty the tank completely. The closet bowl is made of the highest grade of English vitreous earthenware and has a syphonic action. The bath tub furnished with this outfit is a 5-foot heavy steel bath tub, enameled inside with a heavy coat of white enamel put on by a special process which we guarantee will not flake or peel. The outside is handsomely painted and the legs are trimmed with gold bronze. The rim is made of oak, is 3 inches wide and 1 1/2 inches thick. The overflow and waste are made of brass and are heavily nickel plated. The tub is furnished complete with nickel plated brass supply pipes and No. 4 1/2 Fuller bath cock. The lavatory furnished with this outfit is an enameled iron lavatory size 18x24 inches with 10 inch back. The slab and back all being in one piece makes a thoroughly sanitary article and it is furnished with a sanitary soap tray nickel plated chain and chain stay, improved wall brackets nickel plated brass Fuller basin cocks, nickel plated brass S trap with waste to floor and vent to wall and nickel plated brass supply pipes to floor. It is not a cheap, shoddy outfit, but is made up of No. 1 material, and while it is not as pretty or substantial an outfit as our Perfection Outfit nevertheless it is a bargain and for a person wanting a cheap outfit we believe that this one at the price we ask for it has no equal. The closet on the outfit is shipped from Chicago. The lavatory and bath tub from our factory in Southeastern Wisconsin. Shipping weight about 280 pounds. No. 42K204 Price $33.90. For the convenience of our customers we can furnish this outfit with all fittings threaded for iron pipe connections at an extra charge of $1.35.

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