1908 Sears Catalog ad: Low Tank Combination Closet

. Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Low Tank Combination Closet with syphon jet bowl, $15.75 reduced from $16.25. No. 42K120 Low tank combination closet with syphon jet bowl. The low tank closet is by far the most popular closet now on the market. It does away with he long supply pipes and high tank. Has a 2-inch opening in bowl, which insures a positive flush every time; is noiseless and neat in appearance. Can be placed in an out of the way place or under stairs where high tank will not go. The tank is made of solid oak, golden oak finish, is lined with heavy sheet copper, has copper float, brass valve, etc. The valve is our improved positive flush valve, cannot get out of order. A slight pressure of the valve lever or button empties the tank completely. The seat and cover are made of oak with heavy brass offset hinges, heavy nickel plated supply pipe is 5/8 inch in diameter, nickel plated; furnished complete ready to set up with a heavy brass nickel plated connection from tank to bowl. The bowl is high grade vitreous English earthenware -- syphon jet style -- roughs in at 14 inches from wall and is by far the best pottery made. Shipping weight about 115 pounds. Price complete with plain earthenware bowl $15.75. If wanted with local vent, add 25 cents to above price. We can furnish this style bowl only without tank or seat for $9.20.

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