1908 Sears Catalog ad: Non-Pa-Reil Household Rubber Gloves

. Sunday, July 21, 2013

Famous Non-Pa-Reil Household Rubber Gloves. These gloves are known the world over as the best household glove made. They are not the cheap grade sold at 35 to 75 cents a pair but the best glove manufactured. The name Non-Pa-Reil on rubber gloves stands the best material and workmanship, the most satisfactory product that master craftsmen by the most modern methods have produced. If you ever wash dishes, scrub floors, develop photographic negatives, wash windows, trim plants, work in the garden, dye any fabrics, blacken stoves, do a hundred and one other household duties, then for your hands sake you need a pair of Non-Pa-Reil gloves. They keep the hands soft and white and are unequaled for ladies' use in doing general housework. They are strong, soft and pliable, and can be worn without the slightest inconvenience in doing work of the most delicate nature. Every pair fully guaranteed. Order one size larger than your kid glove number. These gloves are the best produced and therefore if once used cannot be returned. Follow closely the directions for keeping them clean found on cover of each box. Especially note effect of oil and grease. Regular price, $1.25 per pair. No. 8K2496 Our price per pair 86 cents. If by mail postage extra per pair 10 cents.

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