1908 Sears Catalog ad: Tooth Wash

. Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tooth wash. A most perfect preparation for the teeth. Will keep them entirely free from stains and discolorations. It will be remove the tartar, harden the gums and keep the teeth as lovely as pearls, leaving a delicious aftertaste in the mouth for hours. Preserves the teeth and kills the germs of decay. No. 8K3250 Regular 25-cent bottle; our price 2 bottles for 25 cents. Unprofitable by mail. Pearl tooth powder. In patent silverette finish metal can. Dustproof and dampproof and most convenient. Pearl Tooth Powder is prepared in accordance with a valuable formula for beautifying and preserving the teeth. Approved, recommended and used by dentists and physicians. Cleanses, brightens, whitens the teeth and prevents decay. Contains nothing injurious; is far superior to many other preparations owing to its antiseptic properties, not found in many tooth powders on the market. Regular price, per can, 25 cents. No. 8K3252. Our price 2 cans for 25 cents. If by mail, postage extra, per can, 4 cents.

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