1911 ad: Indian Insect Life book

. Monday, July 8, 2013

Crown 410, cloth, 800 pages, 30s net Rs. 20. Indian Insect Life by H. Maxwell Lefrov, M.A., F.E.S., F.Z.S. Entomologist, Imperial Department of Agriculture for India. [Published under authority of the Government of India.) With 70 full page coloured plates, 15 plain plates and 500 other illustrations in the text. "This volume is the first single comprehensive work on the insects of India. For each family a general account of structure, sex distinction, life-history, habits, food and economic importance is given, followed by the number of species, references to all important systematic works and an account of those species of which anything definite is known. Every important paper is referred to and the complete literature of Indian Insects summarised. In the introduction, and in "Interludes" at appropriate places, general biological topics are discussed under such headings as "Insects and Man," "Where Insects Live." "Cosmopolitan Insects," "How Insects Protect Themselves," etc. The Diptera, as well as the bloodsucking insects are dealt with by F.M. Howlett, second imperial entomologist. The book is invaluable alike to the specialist, the entomologist in India and to the amateur who is interested in the abundant insect world around him.

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